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100:Unearth: Assistant  Director Internship with WildWorks Theatre 

I had joined the production of 100:Unearth as an assistant director intern. The cultivate internship came exactly at the right time in my career and I could not imagine more exciting and relevant project.

During the rehearsals I have worked closely with the actors helping them to familiarise themselves with the script and streamlining the running of the scenes during the director’s absence. My initial background is in drama based theatre but having worked in a contemporary circus context for past several years I must admit I did feel slightly rusty when it comes to working with text. Kyla Goodey being the most trusting, respectful and inspiring director I could have asked for, has promptly encouraged me to be playful with the words the same as I would be with any physical material and to simply trust my instincts. 


The production week  has taught me huge amount on managing the time, trusting your team members and holding your nerve.


During the run of shows the main part of my role was to support and nurture the participants, to liaise between them and the rest of the company and to deliver notes. Whilst I have a fair amount experience in this area, it was incredibly useful to experience working with a community that I have not have previously been part of and to work with a group significantly larger than on any other project so far. It was certainly one of the highlights of the project for me on a personal level.  


The project has certainly given me back my confidence when it comes to working with text. It has also has given me a fresh breath of inspiration for my circus practice. I am currently very seriously contemplating applying for a MA in Theatre Directing. Working on 100:Unearth has without a doubt revived my passion for theatre and helped me to reconnect with the reasons why I fell in love with the contemporary circus in the first place. It really helped me to solidify what is the most exciting inquiry for me as a circus director and that it has always stemmed from the theatre.


As well as being a source of inspiration for my creative path, it has also simply taught me more about how to approach the job as an assistant director. It’s a very fluid role that will differ from project to project that requires you to constantly think on your feet. I think fulfilling that role in an internship capacity can be complicated because you constantly teeter between the needs of the project and the responsibility for your own development. This project allowed me to improve on my understanding of which notes and feedback are useful and necessary at any given time. I think this is one of my dominant strengths as a an assistant director. I think improving my ability to give clear and economic feedback that is in tune with different levels of individual vulnerabilities was an important part of overall experience. I absolutely loved working as an assistant director, I was excited about everything that it entailed and I would be thrilled to continue on that journey.

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