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The Sprats 

The Sprats is a highly visual & interactive walkabout act. The Sprats are strapped into a motorised pushchair. They’re bolshy. They drive where they want. They say what the want. Their emotions run high.. are they hysterically laughing or hysterically crying?  Will they quote Plato or burp the alphabet? They debate and they poo. They want to entertain you, like Robbie Williams, only a lot more petulant, and bit less famous.

Show info:

Duration of set: 30 mins

No. of performances per day: 3

Family friendly (most of the time)


Audience testimonials:

"This is a gem! A perfect performance."


"Spectacularly odious children! Clever and utterly brilliant!"


The Sprats at  Nozstock 2016

The Sprats at Glastonbury 2016

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